The Hundred Lives of Connor Cockroach

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May 21st, 2009, 3:27 pm

This weekend is Animazement!

On my other comic, The Alien Cat, I posted the following:

"This Friday through Sunday is Animazement, in Raleigh/Durham. My fiance and I will be there. I'm dressing as a Clavat, and my fiance as a Selkie, from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles.
Since I've never seen anyone else do a FFCC cosplay, we'll probably be the only ones. If you're going to be there and you see us, be sure to say hi! =D"

For any Alien Cat fans who tell me how much they like the comic get a free on-the-spot sketch of The Alien Cat character of their choice...(not that there's many to choose from right now. XD)

Unfortunately, Connor is vector, and I can't produce a sketch that would look right. I've never actually drawn Connor by hand. XD However!
I do have a mini promo for Connor fans. Come tell me how much you like the comic, and I'll let you decide one of the 100 ways Connor dies!

May 17th, 2009, 7:38 pm

Day 2, Yay~

Ok, I added a donation button just like what's on The Alien Cat. I'm not going to be pushy about it, and I don't plan on mentioning it a whole lot. I'm not really trying to make a living from my webcomics (though that would be nice...). Any donations I receive for either comic will be used to advertise them though.

So if you like the comic, but can't afford to donate anything, you could just link them to your friends. Same results. ;)

Having fun with Connor so far! Figuring out how to render him in different angles is an interesting challenge. I've had no experience drawing cockroaches until now.
FYI, Googeling "cockroach" is scary! D:> They're all so icky looking!!

Oooh, yeah, I almost forgot! Since (I'm assuming) a lot, if not most, of the readers finding Connor are fresh faces who haven't read any of The Alien Cat...I need to link you to my blog! It's kind of random. I blog about whatever I happen to be thinking about and feel like sharing with...whoever cares! XD I wouldn't say it's personal because I'm not really using that blog as a journal like a lot of people do. It's more like...a place for me to share my views on things as they come up in my life. I would say it's "personal" in that you can learn about how I view the world, and how I think and feel.
The reason I started that blog is because I get things stuck in my head and I can't stop thinking about it until I write about it. The main idea behind it is to make people think about things. I don't expect (or want) to convert people to my views, but I tend to really think about things in depth. General experiences have led me to the conclusion that most people don't think very deeply about things. I figure the artistic crowd thinks a little deeper, which is why I linked to my blog from my comics. ^-^

May 16th, 2009, 8:44 pm

Oh hey look, a new comic!

Ok, if you're coming to this comic fresh, let me tell you, it's not my top priority. I have another comic, The Alien Cat, which is my primary webcomic. Period. This comic is just a silly little idea I came up with while talking to my mom this afternoon.

I'm not going to have set update times. It's just kind of going to be random, depending on when I get strips completed. The Alien Cat's updates are more important. Now...that's not to say I can't be encouraged to update more regularly on Connor.'s going to take lots of happy comments and positive feedback to convince me. ;)

     Latest Addition: "p5 - Karma Bites!"

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